3D Modeling

Last updated 05/19/2024 05:44 PM

A Hello World walkthrough using (1) Fusion 360 to create a cup geometry, and (2) Cura to slice the cup geometry for 3D printing.

  • 3D Viewpoint Shortcuts - cube on the top right; if you are ever lost, hit the home icon.
  • Main UI (Axis) - Revolves around central axis
  • Main UI (Hand) - Pans camera view in orthogonal directions (left/right/up/down)
  • Visual Style - Useful for seeing through complex objects

Creating a Sketch

  • Create Sketch (2D drawing in 3D world)
  • Specify a Plane (convention is to use the XY plane
  • Use the Circle action to draw a 50 mm circle
  • You can specify units (cm, in, mm, etc...); default is mm.
  • Edit by double-clicking on the dimension.
  • Finish Sketch to return to the 3D environment
  • Double-click on sketch to return to 2D environment

Naming your sketches is an excellent habit

Extruding a 3D Volume

  • Use the Extrude (E) operation
  • Drag the arrow handler or use the parameter UI
  • Note different types of operation: New Body, Cut, New Component
  • Extrude by 60 mm

Cutting 3D geometries

  • Construct a new sketch on the top of the cylinder
  • Activate the outer circle geometry from the layers panel
  • Create a inner circle geometry
  • Extrude inner circle geometry downward -- this will automatically select the "Cut" operation -- seen in red
  • Cut 55 mm from the cylinder


  • Modify > Fillet
  • Select edges
  • Specify 1.5 mm radius
  • Apply to the bottom edge as well

Appearance & Rendering

  • Select body > Right-click > Appearance
  • Drag and drop a material onto the body
  • Switch to Render to view the material rendering under different lights
  • Switch back to Sketch to select different appearances

Exporting and Slicing for 3D printing

  • File > 3D Print
  • Select STL, millimeter, uncheck Print to Utility
  • Save in your file system

Cura Guide

  1. Open Cura. adjust 3D printing parameters to your 3D printer's configuration
  2. Drag-and-drop STL file
  3. Rotate 3D model to reduce overhangs or need for support structure
  4. Use the Slice/Preview options to see the results of your parameters
  5. Save the .gcode file to a USB -- Plug the USB into your 3D printer and follow the dialogs to 3D print.

SVG to 3D Model