TAP Clear-Lite Casting Resin

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
TAP Clear-Lite Casting Resin


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It's a liquid plastic. Easy-to-use, water-clear polyester resin. Embed and encapsulate coins, dried flowers, insects, seashells, stones, and pebbles, and many keepsakes. Add Chemco Transparent Dyes to color the resin.


Personal Protective Equipment

Nylon/Nitrile Gloves Required

Wear protective gloves.

Eye or Face Protection Required



Serious eye irritant

Use eye wash in contact is made.

Harmful if inhaled

Use only within fume hood. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Do not breathe vapor.

Skin irritant

Wash hands thoroughly after handling.


Maintain in flammables cabinet when not in use. Avoid open flame around material. Keep container tightly closed.