Student Projects

The atelier is a space where students can work with state-of-the-art equipment and materials and develop hybrid skills. Below, you will find the latest student work occuring in The Hybrid Atelier.
Ritual Interactions in Shawl-Form Wearables

The Dorukha, or two-sided shawl, is embedded with capacitive touch embroidery, an ambient sound meter linked to a blue pulsing light, and a smock-constructed textile form.

This artifact was the result of the Forming Wearables Workshop held in February 2020 by workshop participants:

  • Anfal Chaid (UTA)
  • Gloria Kim (UNT)
  • Jackelyn Macius-Brijil (UTA)
  • Kai Rowe (UTA)
  • Tamunonengiye Gladys Nga (UTA)

The workshop TAs are listed at authors above.

Hotrod Comb
Hotrod Comb

Comb design based on the classic car 1970 challenger gold. Designed in Adobe illustrator. The 3d file is created in (online platform).