Dorukha (2020)

Ritual Interactions in Shawl-Form Wearables

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The Dorukha, or two-sided shawl, is embedded with capacitive touch embroidery, an ambient sound meter linked to a blue pulsing light, and a smock-constructed textile form.

This artifact was the result of the Forming Wearables Workshop held in February 2020 by workshop participants:

  • Anfal Chaid (UTA)
  • Gloria Kim (UNT)
  • Jackelyn Macius-Brijil (UTA)
  • Kai Rowe (UTA)
  • Tamunonengiye Gladys Nga (UTA)

The workshop TAs are listed at authors above.




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Hedieh Moradi
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Esau Noya
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Anvay Srivastava