Leatherworking Accoutrements

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Leatherworking Accoutrements


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Tools for working with leather.

  • Thimble & Finger Cots
  • Groover
  • Rivets Kit
  • Stamping Set
  • Stitching Wheel
  • Leather Sewing Needle
  • Nail Files
  • Awls (Copper & Wooden)
  • Wool Dauber (for applying stains)
  • Cutting Implements (Skiving Knife, Swivel Knife, Scissors)
  • Plates & Pads (Scraping Plate Punchpad, Beeswax)

Personal Protective Equipment

Finger Cots Recommended

Use finger cots to protect fingers when using groovers


Sharp Objects

Exercise caution when using cutting implements.