Shopbot Desktop MAX (24" x 36", ATC)

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Shopbot Desktop MAX (24" x 36", ATC)


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The Shopbot allows CNC milling of up to 24" x 36" geometries. To ease fabrication workflows, this Shopbot is equipped with an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC).

The Desktop with Aluminum Deck (general purpose deck) comes standard with an attached MDF spoil board and is considered our most versatile deck option for a wide variety of machining options. Because the Desktop MAX is completely open underneath and the aluminum deck can be partially or completely removed, you can add widely available dovetailing or end-milling attachments.


  • 3" Indexer -- allows you to cut full 3-dimensional objects on your ShopBot. Like a lathe, it provides a 4th rotary axis for turning a part, but in addition, provides precise “indexed” control over rotation. With an indexer, you can create: lathe work, spindles, newel posts, table legs, and 3D sculptures.

Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Protection Required

Wear safety glasses.

Sound Protection Required

Wear ear muffs or ear plugs.

Tie back hair

Use hair ties to secure hair.

Remove Jewelry

Remove all free-hanging jewelry when operating the machine.


Moving Parts

Moving elements can catch onto objects.

Loud Noise

Machine produces loud and high frequency sounds.


Machine produces sawdust which can be harmful for respiratory health. Make sure to close enclosure doors during operation.