Glass Sheets

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Glass Sheets


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Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Glasses Required at All Times

Glass debris can cause injury to eyes.

Gloves are Recommended

Cutting glass can result in sharp edges and potential cutting hazards.


Sharp Objects

Cutting glass can result in sharp edges.

Glass Debris

Glass debris can pose an inhalation issue or cause damage to the eyes.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not cut on any surface other than the glass cutting grids. Small shards left on flat surfaces can inhibit a safe cutting environment.

Safety Checks

  • When grinding glass, always make sure the grinder is properly configured with water to ensure glass powder is captured.

Operational Checks

  • Cut away from your body.
  • Cut only on top of glass cutting grids. This will capture any shards of glass.


  • Brush up and glass debris generated during the process and dispose of in the sharps container.