Vacuum Chamber and Pump

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Vacuum Chamber and Pump


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  • 3 Gallon Vacuum Chamber kit used to degass silicones, epoxies, essential oils, urethanes, etc.
  • Silicone gasket to be used over 10,000 times without deterioration.
  • Chamber Kit Include: 3gl SS Base; Acrylic Lid, Silicone Gasket; Vacuum Gauge; Air Manifold With Valves; 5ft Hose
  • Vacuum Pump Voltage:110V 60HZ Power: 1/4 HP Single Stage 3.6CFM
  • Pump Ultimate Vacuum : 0.8Pa; Intake fitting: 1/4 inch Flare Oil Capacity : 220 ml

Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Protection Required

Wear safety glasses.


Implosion Risk

Vacuum can implode when improperly run.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not pump flammable gases
  • Maintain a 4 inch clearance around the pump.
  • Turning off the pump without having closed the vent.
  • Do not leave a vacuum chamber under full vacuum for more than 24 hours to avoid cracking.

Safety Checks

  • When the needle stops moving, close the vent, then turn off the pump.
  • Do not go past -29 inHg.

Operational Checks

  • Make sure the vacuum pump oil level is above the minimum using the leveline.