Marisa Fernandez

Games and Simulation Arts and Science, Cognitive Science (Alumnus)

Marisa Fernandez


Marisa Fernandez is currently a junior Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences and Cognitive Science undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They are interested in either pursuing a career in research for either field or in the video game industry acting as a level designer. Their research interests include the cognitive effects migraines have on individuals and how certain environments or level structures guide individuals to make specific decisions. Outside of research and game design projects, Mari loves to draw cartoons of their original characters and interests, as well as play the flute for various music groups. You may also often find them reading, doing creative writing projects, or working on props and clothing items for cosplays. Personal Website


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Published Projects
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A Versatile Silicone Microtexture Fabrication Technique Using Laser-Engraved Micromolds