Sensor Input Toolkits (2024)

Smart Material Toolkits Track

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The work builds on research in HCI aiming to retrofit existing tools with sensor capabilities.The project goals include:

  • Developing a set of signal processing primitives and assess their composability to different sensing approaches (e.g., resistive, inductive, passive)
  • Retrofitting a suite of tools with physiological, environmental, and inertial sensors while developing their gesture recognition capabilities.

REU participants should expect to work collaboratively with out REU projects to apply and test sensor-retrofitted tools. For instance, tools can be used to:

  • sense biomaterial sugar levels in the Biomaterial Fabrication project.
  • extracting position-based or gesture-based data from the Conductive Soft Materials project.
  • sense gases using biomaterials.

This work will result in research publications and open-source sensing platforms that can be applied broadly in multiple applications ranging from HCI, Brain-Computer Interaction (BCI), and healthcare.



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Christopher McMurrough
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