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Shared, Shaped, and Stolen (2024)

Tracing Sites of Knowledge Transfer across Creative Communities of Practice

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Within various creative domains, communities of practice (CoPs) are instrumental in fostering knowledge creation and innovation. Although each community disseminates knowledge through resources like online video tutorials, this content is often hidden behind different contexts and semantics that limits practitioners’ ability to learn, borrow, and adapt knowledge from each other. To trace how knowledge disseminates across CoPs, we analyzed video transcripts across 25 communities and characterized them using Term Frequency Proportional Document Frequency (TF*PDF) to extracted materials, tools, and techniques concepts. Using a cluster heatmap visualization, we reveal material and material parallels as boundaries for umbrella CoPs, techniques as strong predictors of kindred CoPs, and outliers as emerging sites of hybrid CoPs. We discuss implications for the design of knowledge discovery support tools to characterize material workflows, track knowledge evolution, and develop semantic vocabularies.




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Adam Emerson
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Shreyosi Endow
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Cesar Torres