Electronics Prototyping


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A site for prototyping, testing, debugging, and fabricating electronic circuits.


Bantam Tools Desktop Milling Machine

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PCB mill - one-sided and two-sided copper FR1.

Training Required

Hakko Soldering Iron

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General-purpose soldering.

Training Required

DC Power Supply (0-32V, 0-10.2A)


General-purpose power supply. Use in lieu of batteries when prototyping.

Saleae Logic Analyzer

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General-purpose debugging. Useful for parsing errors from I2C/SPI communication protocols.

AgIC Silver Ink Circuit System (Epson ET-2720)


For making flexible circuits. Do not solder. Use conductive tape, z-tape, or conductive glue to attach components.

Function Generator


Used for generating waveforms to actuate electronics.

Voltera V-One PCB Printer

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CNC PCB printer for laying down silver ink traces and SMD components.

Training Required
Training Required

Digital Microscope

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Useful for soldering and debugging SMD electronics.


Fluke 115 Multimeter

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For electronics debugging.

Wireless Digital Microscope

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For inspecting soldering joints.


60/40 Tin Lead Solder


General-purpose soldering.

Training Required

Copper Tape

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Good for quick repairs, conductive pad electrodes, or for paper circuits.

TAP Platinum Silicone

Platinum silicone gal xl.jpg

Great for encapsulated embedded circuits.

Training Required

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Film (24"x30') & Transfer Tape

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Great conductive ink screenprinting material.

Buttons, Switches, & Sensors

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For detecting input and sensing environmental variables.

Breadboards & Electronic Components

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For testing, debugging, and exploring circuit designs.

Actuators: Lights, Motors, Speakers

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Useful for introducing changes into the environment or as a feedback mechanism.

Batteries, Power Supplies, and Connectors

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Supply power to circuits and breadboards with a range of power supplies.


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Issue control logic to analog and digital circuits.

Copper Nanopowder

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Useful for creative conductive materials.

Training Required

Graphite Nanopowder

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Useful for creative conductive materials.

Training Required