Bijisa Pyakurel

Psychology (Alumnus)

Bijisa Pyakurel


Bijisa Pyakurel is a senior pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology and a certificate in Digital Media at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is also the President of the Nepalese Student Association at UTA. She has experience in human subjects research from her time as an undergraduate researcher at UTA's Developmental Motor Cognition lab. She has also interned at Red Hat in the past. Her research interests lie in human-computer interaction, human factors, UI/UX design, and human-centered design. She is passionate about the application of cognitive science principles in technology and design to create an intuitive user experience. In her free time, Bijisa enjoys spending time with friends and family, creating art, and analyzing films.


Reu Projects
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Assistive Light Projection
Hybrid Workflows Track
Published Projects
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Shifting Perception through Interactive Projected Cues in Still Life Drawing