Glass Grinder

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Glass Grinder


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Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Glass Required

Required at all times.

Tie Back Long Hair

Long and loose hair must be contained.

Ear Protection is Recommended

Wear earplugs when using the machine.

Wear Close Fitting/ Protective Clothing

Rolll up sleeves.

No Jewelry

Remove all rings and jewelry.


Sharp Elements

Cuts from sharp glasses.

Flying Debris and Dust

Glass dust is produced from grinding; shards of glass may break off and cause eye damage.

Loud Noise

Grinding produces loud noises

Hot Metal

Grinding bit may become hot with use. Keep sponge moist.

Moving Parts

Hair/clothing may get caught in moving machine parts.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not use faulty equipment. Immediately report any suspect machinery.
  • Never leave the machine running unattended.
  • Do not hold workpiece with gloves, cloth, apron or pliers.
  • Do not grind any material other than glass.

Safety Checks

  • Locate and ensure you are familiar with all machine operations and controls.
  • Ensure the eye guards and grinding guard is fitted, secure and functional. Do not operate if guards are missing or faulty.
  • May sure the basin is filled with ample water and sponges are wet.

Operational Checks

  • Slowly move the workpiece across the face of the wheel in a uniform manner.
  • If glass dust is produced, ensure that the sponges are correctly positioned and water is in the basin.


  • Switch off machine when work is completed.
  • Drain water from basin.
  • Leave the machine in a safe, clean, and tidy state.
  • Brush the surrounding area to pick up any glass debris.