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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.


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  • 45° or 90° Blade angle used for standard and flush cuts
  • High tension securely holds the blade up to 330lbs
  • Low profile for cutting in tight spaces
  • Long reach blade attaches to the front frame for long reach
  • Hacksaw front handle becomes a pistol grip jab saw

Personal Protective Equipment

Tie Back Loose Hair

Make sure that long or loose hair is tied back or covered securely.

Remove Jewelry

All kinds of jewelry should be removed to eliminate the risk of snagging

Wear Close-Fitting or Protective Clothing

Protective clothing such as overalls or aprons should be worn to prevent loose clothing from being caught in the blade.

Gloves Required

Always wear protective gloves even for those five-minute jobs.

Eye Protection Required

Wear safety glasses at all times.


Sharp Object

Risk of cuts from blade.

Safety Checks

  • Always make sure the material to be cut is securely fastened into clamps or a vice. Never attempt to secure materials by hand.
  • Adjust your hold - When using a hacksaw, always make sure your hand and wrist are held in a comfortable and natural position. Working while holding tools in an awkward manner can lead to accidents. Hold the hacksaw as you might an iron, with your hand on the upper part of the frame that holds the blade.
  • Never saw materials with nails or screws.
  • Verify fingers are out of blades route.

Operational Checks

  • When cutting, make sure you use the blade’s entire length for each cutting action.


  • Clean up area from sawdust and debris