Digital Ceramics Kiln

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Digital Ceramics Kiln


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Skutt KM1222-3 Digital Ceramics Kiln

  • 22" model, 3" furniture kit

Ceramics Firing Schedules Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Wear Fire-rated Gloves

Be careful when opening the kiln door while the kiln is heated. Use fire rated gloves to protect your skin and make sure clothing is kept well away from any kiln opening or hot kiln surface.


Intense Heat

Be cautious of intense heat around the peep holes when peep plugs are removed.

Heavy Object

The kiln lids on many models are heavy. Make sure the lid brace is secure before releasing the lid. Make sure the hardware that secures the lid brace is secure and not corroded.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not introduce potentially combustible materials in the kiln area.
  • Do not place anything in the kiln you are unsure of. Certain items may potentially melt, explode, or release toxic fumes. Items that may be damp (i.e., greenware, kiln shelves) have the potential to crack or explode inside the kiln when the moisture trapped inside them turns to vapor when heated.
  • Never allow the kiln to exceed the temperature rating listed on the serial plate.
  • Always leave 1" space between pieces.
  • Always leave 1 1/2" space from top of tallest piece on any shelf to shelf above it.

Safety Checks

  • Plan on being with the kiln when it is scheduled to turn off.
  • When opening the lid, make sure the lid brace is secure before releasing the lid.

Operational Checks

  • Post the KILN IN OPERATION sign. The stainless steel jacket and some of the other fixtures surrounding the kiln will get hot enough to burn your skin when the kiln is heated. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful when working close to the kiln.

Maintenance checks

  • Inspect the heating elements. If there is dust buildup, vacuum the inside of the kiln to remove dust, brick chips, and other foreign matter from around the elements. Be sure not to get the vacuum hose or nozzle too close to the thermocouple or touchpad.

  • Apply a kiln wash to your shelves. Brush coat one side of each shelf with high fire kiln wash. Apply a thin coat of kiln wash in one direction, allow to dry, and apply another thin coating in the opposite direction leaving a half inch (1.3 cm) uncoated margin from the outside edge of the shelf. Allow to dry overnight. Never kiln wash the walls or lid of your kiln!

  • Do not unload the kiln until it is below 125ºF.