Pottery Wheel

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Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Pottery Wheel


Important Links

Model C - Brent Pottery Wheel https://www.amaco.com/products/wheel-c-110v

The Model C is recommended for both schools and art centers, is competitively priced, is quiet and solid, can handle 225 pounds of clay continuously, and is the wheel Danny Meisinger uses to create his towering pieces. The brent® C wheel includes the brent® Classic Controller with these features:

  • Optimal torque at all speeds -- wheel speed remains constant under varying loads for smooth feel and full control
  • Quiet operation -- electronic noise filtering for quiet operation
  • EZ-feel toggle switches -- on/off and forward/reverse switches are easy to locate. Forward/reverse switch has a neutral safety position to assure smooth transitions when changing directions.
  • EZ-to-read indicator light -- protrudes from control box for viewing from potter's stool
  • Easy to service modular connections for motor and foot pedal -- makes upgrades and replacements easy

Additional brent® C features:

  • Handles 225 lbs. continuously
  • Reversible electronic speed control -- assures maximum torque and smooth response both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Legs are powder coated for greater durability and improved scratch and corrosion resistance
  • All-steel construction and solid table -- for strength and durability
  • Automatic belt tensioning -- keeps the 6-groove poly-v drive belt tight for maximum performance
  • Permanent magnet 3/4 hp, 7 amp DC motor -- allows the user to work with up to 225 lbs. of clay
  • Durable, cast aluminum foot pedal with 4-foot cord -- offers smooth control and speed range of 0-240 rpm
  • Cast aluminum 14" wheel head -- marked with concentric circles for ease in centering clay and includes two bat pins

Personal Protective Equipment

Tie back loose hair

Moving parts hazard.

Remove all jewelry

Moving parts hazard.

Eye protection required

Wear safety glasses.


Moving Parts

Take care with long hair, jewelry, and loose fitting clothing. Such items may get caught in the moving wheel head causing damage or injury.

Things to Avoid

  • DO NOT leave wheel running unattended. * DO NOT force the wheel head to stop, as this will shorten the life of the motor.
  • DO NOT exceed recommended maximum clay weight for your wheel, to do so will shorten the life of the motor.
  • DO NOT attempt to move or hold the wheel during operation, or while the power is on as this could cause serious injury.
  • DO NOT let the wheel stand in water.

Safety Checks

  • Fully depress foot pedal backwards into the “OFF” position before turning the wheel on.


  • When cleaning the wheel, inspecting parts, and between periods of use, always turn off the on/off switch and confirm that the power indicator light is off. Then unplug the wheel from its power source.