Christopher McMurrough

Associate Teaching Professor
Computer Science & Engineering

Christopher McMurrough


Christopher D. McMurrough is a developer of perceptual computing techniques for intelligent robotic systems in a wide range of applications and environments. He has experience working with UAV/UGV systems, Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), industrial automation, embedded development, real-time applications, 3D perception / machine vision, and assistive devices for users with severe physical disabilities.

Dr. McMurrough's main teaching responsibilities center around senior capstone courses and student project mentoring in the College of Engineering. He is especially interested in multidisciplinary projects with local impact, as well as engineering entrepreneurship.

As an Arlington native and STEM education advocate, he is an active community volunteer and regular guest speaker at local K-12 schools.


Reu Projects
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Sensor Input Toolkits
Smart Material Toolkits Track
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Biomaterial Fabrication
Smart Material Toolkits Track