Hybrid Media

ISAM • 7th International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces

Computational Slip Casting (2023)

Navigating Clay Practices within Digital Fabrication

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Working with clay in makerspaces is an exciting new frontier, especially for supporting the aesthetic and functional forms found within ceramics. Despite advancements in clay 3D printing, the adoption of clay-based practices within makerspaces remains problematic. In this poster, we introduce a novel computational slip casting technique using peristaltic pumps and describe our method for developing the technique for adapting craft practices. We describe the challenges in navigating slip composition, adjusting for pump pulsation, facilitating slip dispensation and drainage. We demonstrate a set of computational routines for controlling the thickness of shell geometries. Our work adds to efforts to understand relationships between traditional skills and digital fabrication and discusses principles for designing makerspace-friendly clay fabrication techniques.




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Ciara Sorrells
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Cesar Torres