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Hybrid Spaces

Each creative practice has developed a creative space, fueled by decades or millennia of grassroots innovations that are passed down from practitioner to practitioner. What might we learn from these spaces that could allow us to design, re-invent, or support emerging practices like digital fabrication?

  • Internet of Spaces – How might connected spaces allow communities of practice to communicate with each other, recover from errors, and test in situ new creative and learning technologies?
  • Augmented Reality –  How might we use physical creative spaces to understand and study the creative process, increase its visibility to others, and support skill sharing? How might we increase the visibility of digital materials and immaterials to support hybrid practices? How might light projection mapping provide visual cues that support spatial cognition?

Associated Publications

TEI 2019
A Conversation with Actuators
An Exploratory Design Environment for Hybrid Materials
Cesar Torres, Molly Nicholas, Sangyeon Lee, and Eric Paulos
DIS 2018
Guardians of Practice
A Contextual Inquiry of Failure-Mitigation Strategies within Creative Practices
Cesar Torres, Sarah Sterman, Molly Nicholas, Richard Lin, Eric Pai, and Eric Paulos
TEI 2022
Glaze Epochs
Understanding How Material Knowledge is Externalized in a Ceramics Studio
Hedieh Moradi, Long Nguyen, Valentina Nguyen, and Cesar Torres
ISAM 2023
Crossing the Knowledge Gaps Between Maker Communities of Practice
Adam Emerson, and Cesar Torres
C&C 2024
Shared, Shaped, and Stolen
Tracing Sites of Knowledge Transfer across Creative Communities of Practice
Adam Emerson, Shreyosi Endow, and Cesar Torres

Associated Stations