Hakko Soldering Iron

Machine • ERB281 Fab
Safety Training is REQUIRED before using this resource and must be cleared by Hybrid Atelier personnel.
Hakko Soldering Iron


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This soldering iron (FX8801) is ESD-safe..

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Glasses Required

Hot solder or flux can splatter.

Close-Toed Shoes Required

Hot solder or flux can splatter.

Tie Back Loose Hair and Clothing

Long hair can interfere with soldering or catch on the soldering iron.

Fume Extractor Required

Operate a soldering iron only with a fume extractor or within a fume hood. Avoid inhaling fumes.


Solder Contains Lead

Avoid extensive exposure of solder with your skin. Wash your hands after each work session.

Unhealthy Fume Inhalation

Avoid inhaling fumes and always use a fume extractor or fume hood. Take care to position the fume extractor correctly to minimize fume inhalation.

Things to Avoid

  1. Do not touch the tip or the metal parts near the tip.
  2. Do not allow the tip to come in contact with flammable materials.
  3. Turn off the power when not in use, or left unattended.
  4. Turn power off when changing parts.

Safety Checks

  1. Position the work environment to avoid cords and other obstructions from interfering with your soldering.
  2. Clean and tin the iron before each work session.
  3. Because of lead materials, no food or drinks are allowed near the soldering workstation.
  4. Do not operate the soldering iron if you are tired, distracted, or otherwise impaired.

Operational Checks

  1. If black residue (oxidization) builds up on the soldering tip, clean the tip with the cleaning wire and sponge. Apply a small amount of solder to tin the tip.
  2. Return the iron to the holder when not in immediate use.


  1. Clean and tin the iron before each work session.
  2. Return the iron to its holder and power down the soldering station.
  3. Wash your hands.