Form Prototyping

ERB281 Fab

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Tools for scanning, modeling, and prototyping 3D models.


CAD Workstation

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Outfitted with Fusion360 and a fast graphics card to make modeling quick and painless. Remember to signup for an Autodesk Education account.

Epilog Lasercutter Fusion Pro 32

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Great for making 2D parts that link to form 3D geometries.

Training Required

Plotter/Poster Printer (36")

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For printing schematics.

Dremmel Versaflame Butane Torch

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Soldering, heating, training SMA, heat shrinking.

Training Required


Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Great for making low-fidelity physical models.

Training Required


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Use with enamels to give prototypes a professional look.

Dental Tools

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Useful for removing the negative off a vinyl print.

Safety Rulers

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Use for safely cutting paper, cardboard, and foamboard.



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Lightweight and easy to sculpt. Good for rapid prototyping of form and feel prototypes. Useful as a cover to sharp objects (e.g. x-acto blades, needles/pins).

Training Required

Air & Pneumatics Accoutrements

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Tubes and fittings for working with gases and liquids.