ERB281 Fab

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Tools for working with textiles, e-textiles, and wearables.


Epilog Lasercutter Fusion Pro 32

Fsnpro19 straight.png.png

Cut or etch fabrics/leathers.

Training Required
Training Required

FormLabs Form 3 SLA 3D Printer

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Create fiber hardware (e.g., buckles, buttons, snaps).

Training Required

Ultimaker 3

S3.jpg ha

Create fiber hardware (e.g., buckles, buttons, snaps).

Training Required

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter


Great for vinyl-mask screenprinting.

Training Required

Male & Female Adjustable Dress Forms

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For sizing garments, showcasing textile work, or demoing e-textiles applications.

Plotter/Poster Printer (36")

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For printing templates.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

Ashford rigid heddle looms 2  57356.1557240272.jpg ha

Main equipment for weaving textiles -- can support patterns up to 16" wide.

Training Required


Hand Sewing Machine

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Sew fabrics.

Sewing Accoutrements

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General-purpose sewing implements.

Leatherworking Accoutrements

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General-purpose tools for leatherworking.

Rubber Mallet

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Use for applying force to leather stamps.

Rotary Tool

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Great for etching patterns into leather.

Training Required

Safety Rulers

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Use for safely cutting fabrics.


Canvas Cotton Cloth

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Good structural cloth for holding heavy objects or protecting artifacts. Laser-cuttable.

Cotton Fabric


General purpose cloth. Laser-cuttable.

EeonTex High-Conductivity Heater Fabric


Conductive; useful for capacitive touch or heating applications.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Film (24"x30') & Transfer Tape

Sign vinyls fdc 4200 spec  54864.1449615113.1280.1280.png

Great masking material for screenprinting.

Conductive Thread

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For sewable electronics.