Ceramics & Glass

ERB281 Fab

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Tools for working with clays, ceramics, and glass.


3D Potter Clay 3D Printer

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An FDM-style 3D printer for clay and ceramics.

Training Required

Glass Grinder

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A grinder for shaping glass. Typically used for stained glass applications.

Training Required

Olympic Glass Kiln

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A kiln for slumping and fused glass techniques.

Training Required

Digital Ceramics Kiln

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For firing ceramics.

Training Required

Gryphon Convertible Glass Grinder

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Great for shaping glass into precise shapes.

Training Required

Zephyr Ring Saw

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Cut glass in any direction; great for complex directions. "Jigsaw" for glass.

Training Required

Pottery Wheel

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Machine for hand-throwing pottery.

Training Required

Slab Roller

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Used to roll slabs of clay.

Training Required


Digital Thermometer

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For assessing the temperature of fired or drying items.

Training Required


60/40 Tin Lead Solder


Used with the Tiffany stained glass soldering technique.

Training Required

Copper Tape

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Used in the stained glass tiffany technique to foil and solder glass.

TAP Platinum Silicone

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Great for making heat-resistant tools.

Training Required


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Used to more freely distribute solder on potentially oxidized surfaces.

Training Required